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Why the need to change exists

As we move into the 21 st century, our technology, habits, and learning methods are rapidly changing. Yet, education has, for the most part, maintained a traditional standpoint.

What we are doing to effect change

We have created a learning-based platform that empowers students to be creative, original, and confident in their work, while utilizing languages they understand: Multimedia and the Web.

How we are implementing change

Among the implementations are the expansion of digital literacy, promoting independent problem solving, and giving opportunities to present created material (thus instilling confidence)

Join the change!

Traditional educational platform in every school in the world! Creative


No credit card required, no software to download.

Free full service for the rest of your professional life

1 month free access to Premium content, features, education.

Join an educated group committed to achieving changes in traditional education.

For every registration we pledge to donate 1 creative seat to schools around the world. Yes, it can be yours!


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Become a partner and benefit with initiative privileges
For every like-minded organization, media outlet and blogger that joins and supports the initiative we will donate up to 1,000 seats depending on the partner's contribution.